At WE Factory, we design healthy, delicious, and nutritious food experiences and programs for your work environment, business event, or organization to boost your community spirit, encourage creative thinking, and help you retain your talents.

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Make Your Workplace Human

With our memorable, eco-friendly, and delicious food programs, experiences, and spaces in the workspace, we help you care for your employees revolutionizing theirs and your life at work forever. Say adieu to dull coffee and junk food!

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Turn Your Conference Into A Thriving Community

We delight your conference guests with tasty and playful food experiences and we connect them with new and inspiring people thanks to our skilled WE Facilitators on-site. You’ll return back home with new meaningful connections recalling how that was the best conference ever.

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Revolutionize Learning Through Experience

Blending food culture, creativity, design thinking, and commerce our hands-on workshops, masterclasses, and speaking engagements will transform your audience from spectator to co-creator.

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Selected Clients

Veronica Fossa


“Being properly included is important. The implications of re-imagining how we eat at work ranges far beyond just thinking about food into the realm of self-empowerment and self-confidence.”

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“Veronica is one of those rare people who mixes avid curiosity, creativity, and a clear capacity to execute.

Veronica is a brave ‘road-warrior’ who provided ingenuity and creative power, backed-up with specific actions to turn it all into a meaningful and fun experience for our audience. The place was buzzing during her tasting sessions, a tribute to how well she ideated, planned, and executed.”

Clara LlamasManaging Partner at Vaibmu, London (UK)




** We can only show public events here. A lot goes on in the boardroom for internal use only also!



Learn how to understand what your audience really needs. Make a list and change your approach to eating at work forever.

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