“By creating a space to eat, experience, and play at work, we can reconnect with each other, reinforce our relationships, and grow with a sense of purpose.”


Founded by Veronica Fossa in 2014, WE Factory is a studio specializing in food experiences and conference design, workplace well-being, and play. We help future-focused leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game by providing tools and delicious bites to support their innovation goals and creative cultures.

Our services range from research to trend watching, workshop design, facilitation, and culinary design & experience consultation for work environments such as conferences, offices, factories, and retreats. Our projects have a great impact on strategy, community engagement, design, and well-being.

As a nomadic studio, we have on-the-ground experience of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Thailand.

Our Story

During her university studies, Veronica worked in many places that shared a similarity: the lack of humanity. She was left mentally exhausted and disconnected.

Then, she moved to Helsinki for her study. The same day Veronica arrived, her flatmate invited her to join a food carnival called Restaurant Day. An event when everybody could open a restaurant for a day. Strangers were eating together on the street and the whole city had a friendly look. RD made such an impression on Veronica that a few months later she opened her first pop-up restaurant with a couple of friends. Three more followed within a couple of years.

It wasn’t until then that she started to observe the way people socialized during the dinners she produced, how supper clubs popped up everywhere, and how food brought strangers together. That marked the beginning of her journey in hospitality and community nurturing.

While making such discoveries, Veronica recalled her early work experiences and started collecting stories from friends and family. Many complained about the bad quality of food in their workplaces. Others about how their company culture didn’t support their well-being. Many felt unmotivated at work.

She thought:

“If we can design dinners to bring strangers together, why can’t we take a step further and design for inclusion at work?”

This has been the driving force of WE Factory since Veronica established it.

Now it’s your turn to bring inclusion in your workplace!

Our Core Values


We believe that people should always be at the heart of everything we do. Our projects use human centered design to uncover motivations.


We love this planet and want to make a positive impact on the earth. We avoid waste as much as we can. Be it food, paper or water.


We have faith in the future. Our solutions fit today’s needs and those of the years to come.


We frame the way we work every day by asking ourselves which culture we want to create. For us, it’s about curiosity, playfulness, and trial and error.

Meet our Team

Veronica Fossa

Founder & Chief Happiness Designer

With a big smile on her face, you can easily recognize Veronica by her turquoise sunglasses and colorful clothes. Of course, she loves everything about food, especially breakfast, which she could eat all day long.

Something of a jack-of-all-trades, before founding WE Factory, Veronica worked in the creative industries as a marketing and communication consultant, project manager, cook, and event producer for organizations like Pitti Uomo, Bread & Butter, and Silver Spoon.

A strong motivation to re-thinking how we eat and socialize at work led to the foundation of WE Factory. Passionate about multidisciplinary processes, design thinking, and the human nature, she wears many hats. She designs refreshing and game-changing food experiences for conferences and business events, lectures at various universities, writes for publishing houses like Gestalten, and runs projects with WE Factory in more than ten countries around the world.

Hailing from Veneto, Italy, she has lived in 9 cities in 7 countries, before returning part-time to her homeland. Veronica has been defined a “brave road-warrior” who is as at ease in running projects in fast-pacing metropolis to the bucolic countryside, and pretty much anywhere in between.

She holds an MSc in Economics and Design Management from Jönköping International Business School (Sweden) and a BA in Culture Management from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy). She also studied at the University of Helsinki and Aalto School of Business (Finland).

His beard is not misleading, Damiano loves crafted beer as much as specialty coffee. Especially if it’s from Panama.

Being involved with WE Factory from the start as a UX designer and web developer – he designed our first website and all the new versions, for that matter – he is joining us in 2017 as a technologist with the mission to build a balanced work life with the help of technology.

A fan of Tim Ferriss, he has been working remotely for a few years and is looking into sustainable and healthy ways to embrace this lifestyle in the long run. At WE Factory he works with data on a secret project and brings in the latest tech tools and innovation to ease our working life.

Hailing from Veneto, Damiano now lives in Budapest, where he’s completing his master studies in Software and Service Architecture. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Trento (Italy). He loves to travel and dreams about exploring South America with his backpack.

Damiano Fossa


Our present and past (remote) interns: Ceciel Berden, Ada Lin and Vincenzo Sorrentino.

Our Experts & Partners

We are a distributed studio that builds teams on a per-project basis.

We expand the team with co-trainers, guest authors, chefs, designers, baristas, roasters, strategists, architects, technologists, and creatives of all kinds to solve the challenges at hand.

Want to improve your experience of eating at work?

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