Food Experience Design for Conferences & Events

What do people usually remember about the conferences they attend?

How unique it was or how tasteless the sandwiches were?

You may know the answer.


Every year, we attend several conferences and networking events. Often, despite the organizers’ best intentions, we notice little to no attention was paid to including every attendee. The buffet food is usually unremarkable and inoffensive. The vegetarian lady is offered one option: sandwiches stuffed with cheap cheese. Meanwhile, the self-employed guy with an inspiring journey has little possibility to interact with the CCO from one of those Silicon Valley start-ups.

Your conference guests spend their hard-earned money and travel thousands of km to join one, or two, business events a year. To get inspired, network, and, mostly, do business.

Why waste your only chance to make a difference in their working life by showing that you really care that everybody gets the most out of it? Showing that you want them to feel welcome and connect with others, beyond job titles and food intolerances?

Beyond the line-up of inspiring speakers and wow venues, there’s so much more you can do as an event organizer: offer excellent food experiences that keep people alert and attentive all day long, and facilitate authentic connections.

Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, we design experiences for business events that embrace generosity, creativity, and nourishment. With attention to the food-intolerant and the introverted alike, and a focus on quality, sustainability, locality, and conversation, we’re here to help you and your team design an event that everybody is eager to attend and want to talk about.

Our services for conferences and business events range from research to trend forecasting, packaging, chefs casting, facilitation, workshop design, and design procurement.

Our Conference Services

Conference Coaching

Do you prefer to take care of the whole production part of the event yourself, but need help with the design and implementation of your concept, menu, guest- and service-flow in the space, and guidance in the process of designing for inclusion?

How this works

After a 60-minute strategy call where we learn the scope of your project, we deliver a detailed report with your concept and one (or two mood boards) with color, mood, and flavor suggestions. Throughout the process, we support you in the implementation with reviews on your conference food & sociality elements.

Available as an online service for business events, conferences, workshops, and seminars of any size and type.

Design the conference experience

Do you prefer having an experienced team that takes care of everything? From creating the concept to helping you forecast the unpredictable and entertaining even the most introverted of your guests?

How it works

We begin with an introductory call or a meeting to define the scope of the project. It includes concept design, development, execution and production, venue design, products and suppliers matching, staff selection, eating & food design, on-site supervision, coordination and logistics, and feedback.

Available as a combination of online & offline service for business events from 50+ people. Depending on the size of your event and our availability, please consider the whole process usually takes between three months to one year.

Hire a WE Facilitator

Our team of multilingual professional facilitators knows the ins and outs of your event and participants. Mingling and mixing with your audience on site, they’ll be the secret angels of inclusion, facilitating connections and conversations, and making sure that everybody feels great and at ease.

Current languages are English, German, and Italian.

Our food experiences shine when combined with our program of hands-on workshops, talks, and activities.

We use food to convey a positive message, make the participants interact with each other, and kick-start a conversation.

As you know, only great things can happen when we eat together!

Veronica’s knowledge of food and understanding the client’s needs was marvellous. 

At the Design for Europe ‘Powering Innovation’ Summit, WE Factory oversaw and managed the logistics around catering including the menu, food design inc. being sustainable, healthy, and nutritious, suppliers and overseeing on the day. Veronica and her team were exceptionally professional!”

Tracy Breeze, Project ManagerDesign Council, London (UK)

Want to improve your experience of eating at work?

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