Workplace Well-being

Have you ever considered how dull and unhealthy the food at your workplace is?

Have you ever felt ashamed to invite your clients to eat in-house and opted for a restaurant in town, instead?

Have you ever wondered why your team is sleepy after a heavy lunch?


In the past years, pioneering companies like Google and Airbnb have hired F&B managers, redesigned their canteens and food services, opened cafés with trained baristas, and hosted various events to promote healthy eating, creativity, and community building.

Those leading companies understood that when work isn’t working, the problem often lies in the work environment. For people to thrive, every element in the workplace needs to work, starting from spaces and offerings that harness their well-being.

Cheap food and dull coffee are the opposite of business success. 

We’re here to help you envision a long-time plan to create a more human, inclusive, and healthy workplace!

Our Workplace Services

Workplace food check-up

Not sure about the quality and look of your workplace food offering? With our check-up, we provide tips, tricks, and solutions to upgrade your offering and delight your employees.

How this works

We visit your workplace, ask lots of questions, take notes and pictures, and deliver a thorough check.

Re-Design the lunch break

Lunch is your ace in the hole. Need help to make it a human, nourishing, and delicious break for you and your team?

How this works

Based on your needs and requests, we design or re-design your lunch break experience. We take into consideration the space, the food offering and its presentation, and the service blueprint.

Workplace food design

What’s the point of having an excellent lunch break if the coffee still sucks? With a holistic approach, we analyze every area in your workplace food & drink offering. Our goal is to help you design spaces and delicious bites that enable conversation, inclusion, and creativity.

How this works

Starting with a Workplace Food Check-Up, we continue by defining together your unique concept of workplace well-being, and put all the learnings into practice.

Once we’re ready, we don’t leave you alone, but we regularly come in to check that everything is fine. Moreover, we’re available all year round for seasonal menus and programs.

Programs, retreats, & more

Upon request, our team is available to design custom-made nutrition programs and seminars, design company retreats and workshops, as well as host healthy cooking demonstrations, barista trainings, tea ceremonies, green spaces consultations and design, and much more.

Do you have something else in mind? Get in touch.

“Veronica inspires you to be the change within your organization.

Veronica and her team created a relaxed and comfortable setting to brainstorm with my colleagues from different departments. We also put the theory we learned into practice with a fun session in the kitchen. I was very sceptical in the beginning, but I had to change my mind. The program was well designed and we all benefited in terms of improved food service and communication.

MartinaArt Therapist, Milan (Italy)

Want to improve your experience of eating at work?

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