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Creativity & Wellbeing Design for Your Workplace

If you recognize the value of a healthy, dynamic, and creative culture and want to nurture it every day, partnering with WE Factory can help you cultivate strong relationships, build loyalty, and delight people.

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Talks, Masterclasses, and Workshops

Veronica has presented talks and hosted and facilitated workshops on why food matters all over the world from places like Moscow, Tallinn, and Milan, to Venice, Portugal, and Thailand.

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Conference Service

Experience Design for Your Conference or Event

If you’re in the middle of a cultural, or brand transition, working with WE Factory can help you build the best, most diverse, inclusive conference experience possible to reflect your vision and values, and engage your community.

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Veronica Fossa


“It’s incredible what happens when co-workers sit together for a well-curated meal. At that point, it’s not only about sharing the beauty and taste of food but ideas and personal stories.”

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Meal at Work

We organize Meal at Work, a lunch format for organizations that brings teammates over a meaningful conversation and delicious food to talk about what matters at work.

Starting from the bottom-up, this event aims at raising awareness about the importance of eating good food on the job and socialize with workmates.

The first edition, on Gratitude, premiered on November 17th, 2017, in 20+ workplaces worldwide.

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Are you a conference organizer, a business owner or an educational institution?

We offer corporate and event solutions, workshops, consultancy and public speaking services. Our mission is to spark creativity, create meaningful spaces and connect people through delicious and nourishing food.

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“Veronica is one of those rare people who mixes avid curiosity, creativity, and a clear capacity to execute.

Veronica is a brave ‘road-warrior’ who provided ingenuity and creative power, backed-up with specific actions to turn it all into a meaningful and fun experience for our audience. The place was buzzing during her tasting sessions, a tribute to how well she ideated, planned, and executed.”

Clara Llamas
Clara LlamasManaging Partner at Vaibmu, London (UK)




** We can only show public events here. A lot goes on in the boardroom for internal use only also!