About WE Factory

WE Factory is a food research and design studio founded by Veronica Fossa based in Vicenza, Italy working globally. We combine the power of tools, food, location, and community to create work environments in which we reconnect with each other, reinforce our relationships, and grow with a sense of purpose.
Reimagining Eating at Work Five Ways

We’re reimagining eating at work in five ways:

  • Delivering delicious and playful food experiences and training, and consulting organizations and conferences
  • Providing innovative tools to communicate and connect at work
  • Creating opportunities for the less represented. Ultimately giving a voice to those who don’t
  • Fighting food waste and giving access to everybody to good and healthy food at work
  • Hosting Meal at Work to raise awareness and building a global community of likeminded changemakers over lunch at work

Our Story

During her university studies, Veronica worked several jobs, which shared a similarity: there was no healthy work culture.

A few months later, she moved to Helsinki to study design thinking. The same day she arrived, her flatmate Milla invited Veronica to join her on a food carnival called Restaurant Day, a worldwide event in which everybody could open a restaurant for a day. Inspired by the joyous spirit of the event and the participation of the locals, a few months later Veronica opened her first pop-up restaurant with a couple of friends, followed by a genuine drive to pursue a career in the food industry.

It wasn’t until then that she noticed how people socialized during the dinners she produced and how excited people were about food. She recalled her own early work experiences with no space to eat and little opportunity to grow. At that time, she started to collect stories from family and friends. Many people complained about the bad quality of food in work canteens. Others about how their company culture didn’t support their well-being. Many were unmotivated and unhappy. At this seemed to be quite a widespread issue.

So, she thought:

“If I can design dinners to bring strangers together, why can’t I design with food to unlock the potentials of people?”

Ever since 2014, she has been on an inspiring journey to redefine eating through design.

With WE Factory we set out to create the workplace food of the future. One that is:

  • Human We want to change how eating at work is designed. We believe that people have the right to be in spaces designed for their needs. Not the other way around. People are at the heart of everything we do. We use human-centered design methodology and design thinking to uncover human insights.
  • SustainableWe want to change the way people eat at work. With so much food wasted we believe that it’s our responsibility to prevent any waste as much as possible. We feel passionate about creating concepts with little impact on the planet.
  • Multicultural We believe that food at work should mirror an increasing multiculturalism. As we move towards a world of increased mobility, we encourage diversity and the innovation and opportunity that comes with different perspectives. Our design process is first and foremost a cultural one that reflects a wealth of situations, cultures, and environments.

Meet Our Team

Veronica Fossa

Founder & Chief Happiness Designer


Veronica Fossa is a food experience designer and strategist, a catalyst for business well-being, a passionate writer, an energetic and compassionate speaker and facilitator, a fan of breakfasts, and the voice of all things WE Factory.

Born in Italy, she has lived in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. In 2014, she founded WE Factory to enhance people’s well-being, creative collaboration, and inclusion. Currently based in Vicenza, it’s a location independent lean studio, which serves organizations and conferences globally. In 2017, she launched Meal at Work, a global and inclusive community of teammates gathering over lunch at work with the mission to raise awareness about workplace well-being. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Veronica has been invited to share her work about food experience design, play, empathy, and happiness at organizations and events from Moscow to Chiang Mai, Tallinn, Venice, and Milan. Moreover, she has co-authored Visual Feast, a book about food styling and photography published by Gestalten in March 2017.

Veronica joined the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in Copenhagen in 2013 and is an Ashoka Emerging Innovator in 2017. She holds an MSc in Economics of Entertainment and Design Management from Jönköping International Business School (Sweden), a BA in Culture Management from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy) and has studied at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University (Finland). She is a faculty member at the master in Food Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and has taught and mentored students at various Universities.

Damiano is a web developer and designer, a craft beer lover, and a specialty coffee enthusiast.

Being involved with WE Factory from the start as a UX designer and web developer, Damiano is in charge of all things tech. A fan of Tim Ferriss, he has been a remote freelancer for a few years and is looking into sustainable and healthy ways to embrace being a location-independent professional in the long run.

He holds a double MSc in Software and Service Architecture from EIT- European Institution of Innovation and Technology and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Trento (Italy). When he is not busy with WE Factory, he can be found working as a freelance web designer for creative businesses.

Damiano Fossa


Damiano Fossa WE Factory Technologist

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We are a distributed studio that builds teams on a per-project basis. Our teams usually include chefs, designers, baristas, roasters, strategists, architects, technologists, and creatives of all kinds.

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