Conference Holistic Design & Food Experience

Despite all the free content that is available online, the industry of live events is booming unlike ever before. People mainly attend to meet people in their industry, feel a sense of community, and deeply connect with peers while having fun.

Still, there are lots of conferences around the world that need a refresh. Too many conferences stick to conventional approaches and outdated formats. While live events offer a tremendous opportunity for in-depth discovery, change and accelerated learning, many don’t leverage the opportunity.

So, how can WE Factory help you?

We collaborate with future-oriented and health-conscious conferences to design and develop holistic, multi-sensorial, inclusive, and playful food experiences that connect people, build a sense of community, and make your event memorable.

We want to give conferences around the world the opportunity to make an impact and be seen as leaders of a movement devoted to a better food system, well-being, and inclusion.

Our Approach


We believe in teamwork, the ongoing investment in people, and in the power of the most delicious food products available around. We start by understanding your company culture and where you plan to go. By using the human-centered design approach, we emphasize the uniqueness of your people to make your workplace culture flourish.

Our Services

Holistic Conference Design

This full conference package covers all the hospitality aspects of a conference, from branding to interiors, chefs casting, execution and any creative needs in between.

Holistic Conference Design
Consulting Coaching

Culinary Experiences for Conferences

Our culinary experiences for events and conferences combine our core competencies and build the best, most diverse, inclusive conference food experience possible to reflect your values and vision.

Conference Team Training

We lead engaging sessions to help your teams adopt a human-centered mindset and build the best, most diverse, inclusive conference experience possible.

Conference Team Training
The MELT FOORUM VIP dinner was a success! The guests loved it, and we couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Veronica holds a unique combination of creative and analytical thinking. She is a broad-minded, flexible, and dedicated team player. She’s able to form a clear vision for the project at hand and energetically guide and motivate a large team of people to make it a reality.- Maarja Hirv, Project Manager at Tallinn Business Incubators & Dagmar Kase, Project Manager at Tallinn Creative Hub (Estonia)
Veronica’s knowledge of food and understanding the client’s needs was marvelous. At the Design for Europe ‘Powering Innovation’ Summit, WE Factory oversaw and managed the logistics around catering including menu, food design inc. being sustainable, healthy and nutritious, suppliers and overseeing on the day. Veronica and her team were exceptionally professional!- Tracy Breeze, Project Manager at Design Council (United Kingdom)