Conference Team Training

The WE Factory 2-day training session explores the realm of human experience design, providing facilitation methods, case studies, and design mindsets to create engaging, diverse, and inclusive experiences that are authentic and build meaningful relationships with your audience.

In-Conference Team Training

It’s ideal for your team, if you want to develop professionally and harness the power of the experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences. Or you are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers and want a modern methodology to do it better.

By choosing this session, you and your team will learn how to design landscapes that foster meaningful connections, drive innovation, and nourish both the body and soul to transform your audience from viewers to co-creators.

“Veronica is an adaptive and empathic facilitator who skillfully guided my team to explore fresh ways of thinking about our event. Her strong background in marketing, human-centered design, and community building was especially helpful during our workshop. It was a highly productive and enjoyable day that led us to greater clarity and excitement about what’s ahead.” 
Angela M.

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Is this not the right fit for you?

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