Culinary Experiences for Conferences

This culinary experience for conferences package delivered by WE Factory combines our core competencies and helps you build the best, most diverse, inclusive conference food experience possible to reflect your values and vision.

If you already have a brand, a venue, and other important aspects covered but are looking into ways to make your conference 100% experiential, this package is for you.

Partial Conference Package

By choosing this service, you will be able to focus on your event while knowing that your guests will constantly be surprised and nourished with delicious meals that are designed to spark conversation and meaningful connections.

This package includes:

  • Trend Research
  • Concept Generation
  • Creative Direction
  • Food Experience Design
  • Chefs Casting
  • Catering
  • Execution
“Veronica represented the event Design for Europe ‘Powering Innovation’ Summit in the capacity of ‘Food Experience Designer’ and oversaw and managed the design and logistics around catering including menu, food design inc. being sustainable, healthy and nutritious, suppliers and overseeing on the day. Her knowledge of food and understanding the client’s needs was marvelous and nothing was too much to ask.”
Tracy BreezerDesign Council

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Perhaps, you’d like to master the art of designing experiences? We also offer customized training programmes for your team. We cover the whole realm of experiences from customer experience to food experience and a lot more focusing on what means designing meaningful human interactions.