Food as a blend of creativity and business at MELT Forum

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    MELT Forum is a conference started in 2016 that brings together creative and industrial enterprises in Estonia and the Baltic countries.

    The event offers a platform for a dialogue between businesses and designers, and everyone who is interested in developing such a cooperation. It showcases businesses that have successfully integrated design and culture strategies and vice versa. Ultimately, the purpose is to create higher value both for their own companies and broadly even Estonia.


    The Challenge

    The uniqueness of MELT Forum lies in showcasing the optimal combination of business and creativity. When Tallinn Business Incubators, Tallinn City Enterprise Board, and Tallinn Creative Hub approached WE Factory to design and curate the dining experience for an audience of 200 creative and business leaders in Kultuurikatel, the brief was specific. The experience had to be site-specific, creative, seasonal, and local, and the best dining experience that has ever taken place at a conference in Estonia. Being familiar with the venue, we accepted the challenge and agreed to design the whole concept remotely. We joined the local team in Tallinn a few days before the event to supervise the execution and coordinate the staff.


    “With MELT Forum, we were determined to provide an event experience that was different from a typical conference dinner, and instead, highly curate it – and here WE Factory helped us make a difference. Knowing our audience, they’ve designed a beautiful and inspiring evening filled with chatters, delicious food and a cozy atmosphere, which unlike we had planned, made the guests stay until very late at night. Needless, to say the dinner was a success. With their unique combination of creative and analytical skill set, they were able to form a clear vision for the project at hand and energetically guide and motivate a large team of people. They were a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t have been more satisfied.”Maarja Hirv, Project Manager, Tallinn Business Incubators & Dagmar Kase, Project Manager, Tallinn Creative Hub


    “As a vegetarian, never have I been to a conference where I could eat everything from the start until the end. And by this, I mean really enjoying every course. The ice-cream was delicious. Thank you! “- A participant

    The Making of the MELT Forum Dinner

    WE Factory created the MELT Forum dinner experience with key design principles in mind including:

    – Blending creativity with business and hospitality

    – Humanizing the space for interaction

    – Everyone is creative



    In line with the conference’s main objectives, we designed the eating space to blur the boundaries between the old and the new. The traditional and the innovative. The day and the night program.

    The latest generation working environments inspired the space design. The wondrous Hall of Cauldrons became a fluid, multi-functional, and human-oriented area filled with plants and upcycled furniture. We encouraged guests to use the space as they preferred for eating, chatting, dancing, resting, and privately continue business conversations sparked during the conference.

    We set up lights on a pinkish hue and installed extra festoon lights over the tables to create a cozy atmosphere. Besides, to add a touch of femininity and softness to the industrial atmosphere, we decorated the whole area with plants, edible herbs, and bouquets of wildflowers.

    Photo Marko Mumm

    Living room at MELT Forum

    Space at MELT Forum



    We delivered the dinner in cooperation with the caterer Tervise, which executed the 8-course menu based on our creative direction and recipes. Each course was a small-size portion which guests enjoyed informally, and was suitable for all kinds of dietary preferences. The dinner included dishes like Avocado & Edible Flower Toast, Salmon and Black Lentils Taco and Earl-Grey and Kosher Salt Chocolate Pudding.

    We also invited the guests to co-participate in the eating experiences. By placing vases of edible herbs with scissors attached on the tables, we asked them to chop and season their food. What we planned as a way to co-create with us, the food providers became an 

    The drink selection encompassed three options of specialty coffee brewed on-site by local coffee roaster Kokomo Coffee and a selection of summer seasonal craft beers by Põhjala.



    Food at MELT Forum



    Dessert MELT Forum

    Photos © Veronica Fossa & Marko Mumm

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    • Client Tallinn Business Incubators, Tallinn City Enterprise Board and Tallinn Creative Hub
    • Date June 30, 2016
    • Tags Conference, Food Experience Design