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Start Here: Your Essential Resource Guide

Here’s a curated list of content organized by topic. We put it together for you so that you can learn the essentials of our cross-disciplinary ecosystem. We cover experience design, eating and playing at work, and the craft of spaces for creative progress in conferences and workplaces.

It starts with books and articles that Veronica contributed to writing and appearances on podcasts, radio, blogs, and online/printed press, and continues with other curated resources organized by topic.

It’s a work in progress, so make sure to return from-time-to-time.

Note: we only include resources that are either free or very affordable.


Visual Feast

 Visual Feast, Contemporary Food Staging and Photography, Gestalten (released on March 2017)

Visual Feast reveals a world where food is both an art medium and an edible eccentricity. An absolute must-have book about contemporary food styling and photography, which Veronica contributed to with all portraits’ essays.


  • Dispensa
  • Spread - Veronica Fossa Dispensa

The Mixologist of Food & Happiness on Dispensa Magazine n°7. Veronica describes our human-centered design approach to improve the food service in the workspace.

How can food enhance a conference experience? on Method Pliant

Why Lunch Together Makes Workplaces Better on CoFolk

Playful Resources