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WE Factory serves as a hub for the conversation about gastronomy, well-being, workplace and work design. It convenes architects, interior designers, HR managers and recruiters, business leaders, experts in well-being, health, and gastronomy. With an emphasis on action, our platform empowers people to go from knowing what to do, to actually doing it. WE Factory readers connect globally with a holistic way of living and working without compromising their modern vibe. Every company we work with reflects this exact sentiment.


Explores physical, mental and emotional health including topics and trends related to meditation, mindfulness, workplace design, sleep, and eating.

Smart Work

Dives into productivity hacks, work and work event design, management, and holistic leadership. It shares stories and interviews from globals workplaces, challenges, and successes of leaders. It offers a perspective of how to thrive in this new economy. #workplacewisdom

Modern Escapism

Focuses on the importance of disconnecting from an hyper-technological world to reconnect with ourselves and others in real life.

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We are open and honored to create high-impact contextual brand placement in content created by WE Factory staff, contributors, and influencer network.

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We love to create stories on behalf of your brand for the WE Factory audience.

We hand-select brands and sponsors based on their relevancy to WE Factory and our readers.

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