Culinary Experiences & Programs for your Workplace

Eating together in the workplace with your teammates has been shown to help boost productivity*, make you happy and foster deeper work relationships.

Some pioneering companies like Google and Airbnb have re-designed their canteens and cafés to promote community building, a healthier work life, and regularly host events to encourage better eating and creativity. They know that when people are happy they are innovative and productive employees.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Happy Employees Make for Healthy Companies

So, how can WE Factory help you?

We develop and design inclusive and playful culinary experiences and programs for your work environments and retreats that support people’s well-being and strengthen your company values.

Our Approach

We start by understanding your company culture, your successes, your struggles, and your goals. By using a human-centered design approach, we uncover needs and aspirations and what needs to make your creative culture flourish. We believe in teamwork and leverage the power of the most delicious food products available around, combined with vibes, environment, and design.

Our Programs & Services

On-site & Off-site Experiences

Our experiential culinary events leverage the power of truly curated spaces, great food and bold design to your creativity and inspire your team. They are suitable for urban and nature retreats, team building activities, and development days and custom-made for each client.

Workplace Well-being and Creativity Program
Workplace Consulting

The Workplace Well-being & Creativity Program

This live and digital program includes content, toolkits, and experiences for your team to get recharged, help build a creative culture, and a human-centered mindset.

Food & Well-being at Work Presentations

Our presentations explore the fast-changing eating habits in connection to where and how we work and the growing need to feel good. These offers key trends, a detailed analysis, and inspiring global cases.

Veronica Fossa TedX Speaking

“Veronica inspires you to be the change within your organization.

Veronica and her team created a relaxed and comfortable setting to brainstorm with my colleagues from different departments. We also put the theory we learned into practice with a fun session in the kitchen. I was very sceptical in the beginning, but I had to change my mind. The program was well designed and we all benefited in terms of improved food service and communication.

MartinaArt Therapist, Milan (Italy)
Whatever reason brings you here, we can help you bring more happiness to your workplace!